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One consistent theme throughout my life has been a love of learning. Even as a young child, I was an avid reader, devouring whatever reading materials were nearby. I had a particular fascination with mystery and science fiction. That fascination with the difficult aspects of life, the unknown and the vast possibilities in the universe(s) continues to this day. I work to hold both an acceptance of life as an embodied person while also holding to beliefs in a spiritual aspect of ourselves and reality.


Fortunately, my love of learning also led me to a fulfilling career. When I learned that I could have a job that allowed me to share what I have learned with others who also wanted to find peace and satisfaction, I was all in. I love my work because I get to team up with people like you who are ready to approach the difficult work of change. I can help you apply what I have learned to your situation. My hope is that we both continue to experience life in increasingly satisfying ways through understanding ourselves better and making changes that lead to a sense of transformation.​


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