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Green Leaves



I will work with you to create a plan that addresses your unique situation and preferences.

I have an integrative, holistic approach to therapy that is centered in my relationship with each client.  I understand that we are unique and complex beings, and I want, most of all, to see your life as you do and come to understand the values and strivings that motivate you. From there, we can find a way forward, toward healing and thriving. 

I have specialized training in working with both PTSD and complex PTSD. I also have a great deal of training and experience working with anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues, stress management and building resilience. 

I have provided assistance to people from many different backgrounds and stages of life, including college students, trauma survivors, humanitarian aid workers, transgender individuals, and individuals navigating work and life transitions. 

I have lived and worked in Illinois, Southern California and Utah. I spent a decade in my early career working in a university counseling center and have most recently worked in trauma treatment programs and now private practice. Each of these settings has helped me to understand the ways in which different cultures and priorities impact our lives. I bring that learning with me into our work together.




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